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Hi I'm Tracy 

I have a successful practice in helping people overcome their fears and anxiety. I am so aware that right now more and more people are living stressful lives and struggling like never before. You may think you have to put up with it, you may think you cannot change anything. Well the good new is you don't have to put up with that  anxiety and you can change things for the better. I like to keep things simple, it really doesn't have to be complicated. I have put together some of my best techniques to take back control and bring your life back into balance once more where you can go about your daily life without overwhelm and crippling worry that can spill into anxiety and panic. Sign up to be sure you don't miss out on any of my classes, freebies and courses by clicking on the link below.

My mission

My mission is to allow you to grow as a person and step into your strength, in doing this you will feel better and have more success in your life. I introduce you to my courses that are designed to move you to fulfilment and success for you to develop into how you would like to be.  When you feel good you do more and when you do more you achieve more. When you achieve more you grow. Sometimes that cycle is interrupted with life events and can have a negative impact on ourselves and how we live. Stress, anxiety and worry can take over, our lives may become smaller. Tackling the negativity in our lives can open us up to opportunity, relationships can flourish and we live a much more abundant life. 

Lets take a look at anxiety

Anxiety is the pits, it robs you of doing the things you would like to do in comfort and can and does stop you doing things all together.
Do you find yourself caught up in a cycle of Anxiety?
Have you feelings of , nothing goes right, you can't cope, it just feels toom much, can't see the wood for the trees and so on and so on?
Well, it doesn't have to be that way, come and work with me to free yourself from over worry and step into a calmer you. You are not alone, anxiety has been and is on the increase. We live such busy stressful lives juggling work, family, home life, striving to be everything to all. We can leave ourselves with burn out and unsure as to how it all happened.

Have a look below at how you could work with me and at some of the products I offer in helping you overcome your fears and anxiety and live a much more fulfilled life.

How you can work with me 

Hypnotherapy Bundle

I have crafted 4 go to hypnotherapy  audio recordings for when the anxiety and overwhelm is causing a problem. You can listen to them in our own time when it suits you and if you are busy they range from approximately 10 minutes long to around 13 minutes. Sit back and press play to take you into a calmer sense of being.  

E books and Info products

Are you wanting to improve yourself but, not sure how or where to start? E books are a great way of becoming more informed. You will have instant access to the ebooks and info products. Self love is a big deal in your wellbeing and being able to say no. Empower yourself and take a look.

All courses on line & stand alone

Click on the find out more button and it will take you straight there. More course are coming that supports your well-being.

Team work makes the dream work!

Get your free Ebook  'Worry less, more Calm'

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